Our concerts are held at:

Christ Church
North Street
BS16 5SG



Concerts are held monthly, usually on the third Friday.

There is a good-sized car-park behind the Parish Hall and Medical Centre, with several reserved spaces for blue-badge holders. Please contact Downend Folk & Roots if you require one of these spaces. Access to the church building itself for wheelchair users is good, with ramps available at all entrances. Please note that there are only three lavatories in the building, but two are easily accessible. 

There is a a full bar at all of the concerts, serving locally-brewed real ale, cider, wine, soft drinks and tea and coffee. You are encouraged to bring your own glass or tankard, and there is a 50p price reduction on most bar items for those that do so.

Please do NOT confuse Downend Folk & Roots with Downend Folk House at Lincombe Barn. We are separate organisations and none of our events are held there!



Jim Moray - Patron

Jim Moray is one of the most consistently inventive musicians working in English traditional music today. Winner of five BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, after five ground-breaking albums he now finds himself at the forefront of a new folk revival in the UK, and hailed as a pivotal influence by a new generation of folk musicians. We are thrilled to have an artist with such a great reputation associated with the club, and we're very excited about the prospect of working with him to bring great live folk, roots and acoustic music to the Downend area. Pop on over to www.jimmoray.co.uk to find out more.


Ant Miles - Organising Team Lead

A passionate lover of folk, roots and acoustic music, Ant had the idea for Downend Folk & Roots (then Downend Folk Club) in early 2014 after deciding to stop moaning about the lack of great live folk gigs in the area and do something about it. Ant is married to Laura and has two boys, who are frequently subjected to their dad's taste in music and usually take it on the chin most admirably. In his day job, Ant runs Fancourt Music, a live music booking agency representing the likes of Rachael McShane & The Cartographers, Frankie Archer, Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage, Kitty Macfarlane and Sam Carter.


Alan Cole - Organising Team

Usually seen hiding behind the camera at gigs and festivals, Alan initially got involved in the folk scene in 2007 through his interest in photography. Until then, music had never been a significant feature in what he did in his spare time but several years later, as well as photographing many of the top folk artists, bands and festivals, Alan has formerly been involved in the running of Bristol Folk Festival, but now focuses his attentions on Downend Folk & Roots, and very lucky we are to have him! Alan oversees the logistics of the concerts on the evenings, and works with the team on programming.


Bobby Oliver - Organising Team

Bobby looks after our artist hospitality rota and our monthly prize draw. She works part time as an Office Administrator in the Voluntary Sector and has been married to Keith for over 30 years. She grew up in Bristol and her interest in folk music started as a teenager when she attended the first WOMAD events in the Watershed and Ashton Court festival. Bobby is pleased to be more active on the scene nowadays. Although neither she nor Keith play an instrument, they say they are "great at listening".


Ken Hobbs - Organising Team

Ken is our finance guru. His interest in folk music is growing, as is his CD collection... but he's been roped in as he is Ant's father-in-law! Ken is married to Julie and has two grown-up daughters and four grandchildren. He also does a flippin' fantastic Sunday roast.  


Peter Scragg - Organising Team


Pete is the sort of man who steadfastly refuses to write a mini-biography for a local folk club website. That's all we have to say on the matter.


Keith Oliver - Organising Team

Keith is now retired after a career in aerospace engineering, specialising in the stress analysis of wing structures. His interest in folk music dates from his teens in West Cornwall; particularly fond memories of the Count House and Pipers Folk Clubs. Keith had several years break from live concerts while the children were growing up, then Downend Folk & Roots formed in 2014 right on his doorstep and he hasn't looked back since!


Tom Bryan - Sound Engineer

Tom is an experienced live and studio engineer, and has worked with artists aged from 5 to 90. He is proud to have recorded many people's first sessions as well as several number one artists (equally demanding situations, for different reasons!). Currently, alongside running live sound for every genre of music imaginable, and playing in several bands, he archives reel to reel tapes, at one point spending 6 months as a sound quality checker for Universal records, sitting in a small room for 12 hours a day listening to what felt like the entire recorded history of music.


David Summers - Lighting Assistant

David is a folk music lover who discovered it in later life. He enjoys folk singing, an occasional floor spot at Halsway Manor, and choral singing. David lives in Bath, but works in Bristol, and with only five hours work on a Friday, always got to gigs early, and so got roped into helping out setting up. One month Alan was running late, so took over the setting up of light, and started getting inventive. So the wild colours you see... David is to blame.


Alison Emsley - Bar Manager

When Ant asked Alison to join the team and help run the bar, she jumped at the chance... it was just up her street, and she gets to hear the music too. Alison has always enjoyed folk music and has followed Ant and his musical exploits for the last few years. She has a varied musical choice and is looking forward to hearing who will be coming to Downend Folk & Roots next!


Benji Miles - Operations Assistant

Benji is Ant's 13-year old son, who has made himself an invaluable member of the team on concert nights. Whether it's lending a hand on the bar (with the soft drinks!), setting up the green room for the artists or putting out flyers and posters, Benji is happy to turn his hand to any task asked of him. Outside of Downend Folk & Roots, Benji enjoys gardening, staring at various screens and arguing with his dad!




Here's a list of all the events we've ever held:

April 2014
Bright Season

May 2014
Bella Hardy

June 2014
Ange Hardy

July 2014
Gren Bartley (support from Emi McDade)

August 2014
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar (support from Geoff Pugh)

September 2014
India Electric Co. (support from Road Not Taken)

October 2014
Jennifer Crook Trio (support from Mike Weaver)

November 2014
Jess Vincent Trio (support from Black Sheep Harmony)

December 2014
Jim Moray (support from Katherine Priddy)

January 2015
Kelly Oliver (support from The Portraits)

February 2015
Jo May's Spoon For Dotty
Maz O'Connor (support from The Black Feathers)

March 2015
Local Showcase - Road Not Taken, Edd Donovan, Steffan Lewis & Rachel Foster, Noey McElwee, Susie Dobson, Geoff Pugh, Mangotsfield Kitchen Project
Lucy Ward (support from Felix M-B)

April 2015
Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin (support from Kirsty Bromley)

May 2015
Ruth Notman (support from Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith)

June 2015
O'Hooley & Tidow (support from Robert Lane)

July 2015
Jackie Oates with Mike Cosgrave (support from Kim Lowings & The Greenwood)

August 2015
Chris Cleverley (support from Noey McElwee)

September 2015
Sam Carter (support from Said The Maiden)

October 2015
Ewan McLennan (support from Nibs van der Spuy)

November 2015
The Young'uns (support from The Roaring Trowmen)

December 2015
Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker (support from Emi McDade)

January 2016
Tobias ben Jacob & Lukas Drinkwater (support from Ian Roland with Simon Yapp)

February 2016
Gilmore & Roberts (support from Susie Dobson with Joe Futak)

March 2016
Luke Jackson (support from Hannah Cumming)

April 2016
Mairearad & Anna (support from Steffan Lewis & Rachel Foster)

May 2016
Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith (support from Kitty Macfarlane)

June 2016
Kirsty Bromley & Lucy Wise with Simon Dumpleton (support from Steve Pledger)

July 2016
Sunjay (support from Lara Conley)

August 2016
Alex Cumming & Nicola Beazley (support from Road Not Taken)
Claudia Schwab & Friends (support from Susie Dobson with Joe Brydon)

September 2016
Leveret (support from The Hut People)

October 2016
Ange Hardy & Lukas Drinkwater (support from Mike Weaver)

 November 2016
Lady Maisery (support from Ashland)

December 2016
Belshazzar's Feast (support from The Ninetree Stumblers)

January 2017
Moore Moss Rutter (support from Harri Endersby)

February 2017
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman (support from Ollie King)

March 2017
Chris Sherburn, Denny Bartley & Emily Sanders (support from Niamh Boadle)

April 2017
The Black Feathers (support from Saskia)

May 2017
Sam Kelly & The Lost Boys (support from Susie Dobson with Ant Miles & Amy Reynolds)

June 2017
India Electric Co. (support from Jack Cookson)

July 2017
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar (support from Leon Gormley)

September 2017
Kim Lowings and The Greenwood (support from Gav Ball)

October 2017
Granny's Attic (support from Ember)

November 2017
Grace Petrie (support from Gavin Osborn)

December 2017
Jim Moray presents Upcetera (support from Daria Kulesh)

January 2018
Blair Dunlop (support from Kitty Macfarlane)

February 2018
Edgelarks (support from Iona Lane)

March 2018
Harri Endersby (support from Ben Robertson)

April 2018
The Rheingans Sisters (support from Ian A Anderson)

May 2018
Daoiri Farrell (support from Rosie Hood)

June 2018
Rachael McShane & The Cartographers (support from Road Not Taken)

July 2018
Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage (support from Ben Morgan-Brown)

August 2018
Summer Special at Bristol Folk House - The Fitzgeralds

September 2018
Jim Causley (support from Hannah Woof)

October 2018
The Lucy Ward Band (support from Jack Hopkinson)

November 2018
Megson (support from Kirsty Merryn)

December 2018
Lady Maisery and Jimmy Aldridge & Sid Goldsmith: "Awake Arise - A Christmas Show For Our Times" (support from Danny Pedler & Rosie Butler-Hall)

January 2019
Gavin Osborn & The Comment Section (support from Katherine Priddy)

February 2019
Alden, Patterson and Dashwood (support from Molly-Anne)

March 2019
O'Hooley & Tidow (support from Mike Weaver)

April 2019
The Askew Sisters (support from Nick Hart)

May 2019
The Dovetail Trio (support from Road Not Taken)

June 2019
Kitty Macfarlane (support from Louis Campbell)

July 2019
Jack Rutter (support from Ellie Gowers)

September 2019
Road Not Taken "Fragment" Album Launch
Midnight Skyracer (support from Charlie Limm)

October 2019
The Georgia Lewis Band (support from Rosie Hodgson)

November 2019
Talisk (support from Calum Gilligan)

December 2019
Christmas Special: The Jackie Oates Band (support from Thom Ashworth)

January 2020
The Odette Michell Trio (support from Ant Miles)

February 2020
Gilmore & Roberts (support from Matt Quinn & Owen Woods)

Coronavirus Lockdown Online Events March-August 2020
An hour or so with Jim Moray
An hour or so with Nick Hart
An hour or so with Cup O'Joe
An hour or so with Lukas Drinkwater
An hour or so with Lucy Ward
An hour or so with Sam Carter
An hour or so with Christina Alden & Alex Patterson
An hour or so with Jackie Oates
An hour or so with Edgelarks
An hour or so with Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage
An hour or so with Greg Russell
An hour or so with Cohen Braithwaite-Kilcoyne
An hour or so with Georgia Lewis
An hour or so with Ciaran Algar
An hour or so with The Black Feathers
An hour or so AT Downend Folk Club (sort of...)
Another hour or so at Downend Folk Club

September 2020
Nick Hart in Concert (live/online events)

October 2020
Jackie Oates in Concert (live/online events)

Second Coronavirus Lockdown/Tier 3 Online Events November-December 2020
An hour or so with Maz O'Connor
An hour or so with The Last Inklings
An hour or so with Kitty Macfarlane
An hour or so with Jon Boden
An hour or so with Ellie Gowers
An hour or so with Sam Sweeney
A festive hour or so with Jim Causley

Third Coronavirus Lockdown Online Events January-April 2021
An hour or so with Gilmore & Roberts
An hour or so with Blair Dunlop
An hour or so with Nancy Kerr
An hour or so with Gavin Osborn
An hour or so with Jack Rutter
An hour or so with Hannah James
An hour or so with Eliza Carthy
An hour or so with Luke Jackson
An hour or so with John Spiers
An hour or so with Emily Barker
An hour so with Fay Hield
An hour or so with Jon Wilks
An hour or so with Katherine Priddy
An hour or so with Megson

May 2021
Sam Sweeney (socially-distanced live event)
An hour or so with Sam Sweeney (online event)

June 2021
Ellie Gowers Trio (socially distanced live 
An hour or so with Ellie Gowers (online event)

July 2021
Luke Jackson (socially-distanced live event)

September 2021
The Magpies (support from Maaike Siegerist)

October 2021
Sam Carter (support from Flo Parker Bombosch)

November 2021
The Carrivick Sisters (support from The Last Inklings)

December 2021
A Winter Union (support from Lizzy Hardingham)

January 2022
Jim Causley (support from Katie Grace Harris)

February 2022
Suthering (support from Dom Prag)

March 2022
Three Cane Whale (support from Eve Appleton with Ben Parfitt)

April 2022
Mairearad & Anna (support from Chris Elliott & Caitlin Jones)

May 2022
Cup O'Joe (support from Charlie Limm)

June 2022
India Electric Co. (support from Susie Dobson)

July 2022
Kit Hawes & Aaron Catlow (support from Good Habits)

September 2022
Road Not Taken + Bella Gaffney

October 2022
Jacob & Drinkwater + Filkin's Drift

November 2022
Janice Burns & Jon Doran + Dan Weltman

December 2022
Jackie Oates & John Spiers + Cooper & Toller (Live to your Living Room)

January 2023
The Cliff Woolley Memorial Concert: Chris Elliott & Caitlin Jones + The Magnificent AKs + Bristol Morris Men

February 2023
Tom Moore & Archie Moss + Mike Weaver

March 2023
The Haar + Solarference (Live to your Living Room)

April 2023
Harbottle & Jonas + Robert Lane

May 2023
Jon Wilks + Jennie Higgins

June 2023
Bella Hardy (with Sam Carter & Danny Wallington) + Hannah Scott

July 2023
Owen Spafford & Louis Campbell + Minnie Birch (with Kathy Pilkinton)

September 2023
The Black Feathers + Barney Kenny (Live to your Living Room)

October 2023
Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage + Lauren South

November 2023
Ward Knútur Townes + Maddie Morris

December 2023
The Wilderness Yet + Heartwood Chorus (Live to your Living Room)

January 2024
Kitty Macfarlane + Detta Kenzie

February 2024
SykesMartin + Holly Clarke

March 2024
Live at Lunchtime: The Carrivick Sisters
Hannah James & Toby Kuhn + Seb Stone (Live to your Living Room)

April 2024
Christina Alden & Alex Patterson + The Lost Trades (Live to your Living Room)

May 2024
Good Habits + Billie Maree

June 2024
Nancy Kerr & James Fagan + David Mitchell